My daughter has always been excited and happy to attend school at all times and this is most constantly due to the good work of all the staff here at playgroup. I have always felt very confident to approach staff with any problems we may have had no matter how small, they have always offered advice and support.– Previous Parent
His key workers have always been very thorough with their observations and have always been easy to approach with any concerns I may have.– Previous Parent
He enjoys his snacks time and the different foods and loves the outside play in the grounds. He has received a very good level of support from all staff. Thank you.– Previous Parent
This school is not in my catchment . I bring my child here everyday because I know it is the best in the area, taking into consideration the staff, the classrooms, the outdoor play area and the way the pre school is run. My child has learnt so much and does like to go. He is very happy there and I am so sad he will soon be leaving. I cannot praise the school and its staff more and thank them all so very much for all they have done for my child and for making his pre school years so happy – thank you.– Previous Parent
I was very apprehensive at the beginning, however I was quickly reassured when I attended the induction days and spoke to members of staff. I was happy that she settled in very quickly and she enjoys it very much. She has had a wonderful year at Fairways Pre School.– Previous Parent
Her nanna regularly helps at playgroup and enjoys assisting the children with their activities.– Previous Parent
There are lots of opportunities to become involved with life at playgroup through newsletters, events, story and song sharing and talking to staff. The group make a big effort to keep parents/ carers informed at all times. There are always notices on the board as we come to playgroup informing us of any daily issues e.g. illnesses, event reminders etc.– Previous Parent
I feel the school provides a stimulating, educational but overall a fun environment for all the children. There is a large variety of games and toys to keep the children occupied but also provides a quiet area for children to relax if required.– Previous Parent
Our child is very happy to come to pre school. We think she has learnt a great amount since attending – things that we did not see at our son’s different pre school, such as :- Living eggs (chicks hatching),making sandwiches, going to the woods. All of this helps with her self confidence, self awareness and overall personal development.– Previous Parent
I am very impressed with the wide range and variety of snacks  offered to the children on a daily basis. They are offered food perhaps not yet tried at home.– Previous Parent
I love the outdoor aspect – the outdoor area is second to none! Snack time is varied….The children are taught so many things it amazes me……the effort the school goes to , to make learning fun and interesting is 5 star!!– Previous Parent
The staff (all the staff excluding none) have been so warm and friendly, welcoming and interested. The meet and greet is always lovely and sincere.– Previous Parent
Equality and diversity – definitely. One look at the snack menu and its clear you cater for everyone and promote trying something different and new.– Previous Parent
She likes playgroup very much, she enjoys all the activities provided, especially making things and playing outdoors on the long slide. She enjoys going to the woods and finding different insects and animals.– Previous Child
I once had my snacks in the woods and I saw two ladybirds.– 4 year old child
She likes telling mummy what snack she’s had at school each day.– Previous Child
My two children have both been to Fairways Preschool Playgroup. I only have brilliant things to say about their experiences. They both had such brilliant transitions into primary school and loved their time a Preschool so much. The ladies are so lovey and the girls both love seeing them around now they have left. I can not think of a nicer place for my children to start their education.– Previous Parent
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