Morning Sessions (8.40 – 11.40 Am)

Our onsite entrance door will be opened promptly at 8.40am (number 1 on attached map).

We ask that your children wait with you outside our doors and not run around otherwise other users of the school may be disturbed. They will line up with you to find their name/pic card and to be registered for attendance. (Please make any other friends/family aware of this if bringing them) Their name card should be ‘posted’ and then the children should be encouraged by parents/carers to take off and hang up their own coatsthemselves. Any gloves, scarves or toys should be placed inside their named shoe bag. (A drawstring bag is available for sale at Playgroup). Due to school security, collection at the end of the morning is via The Fairway entrance through our back playground door. (Number 2 on your map.)Please be aware that playgroup reserves the right to charge for any children that are late being picked up from either sessions. Two members of staff will have to stay on the premises with your child. Tarriff – £2.40 for each 15 minutes


Afternoon Sessions (12.50 – 15.20)

Due to school security, entrance for afternoon sessions is via The Fairway entrance(Number 2 on the map) on foot only. Children and parents wait quietly outside the gates to the school courtyard (No access without staff). Once Playgroup staff open the gate you may proceed through and then access ‘the ‘back’ door of Playgroup for registration. Collection at the end of the afternoon is the onsite entrance (Number 1 on map).

Please note that even in wet weather we open the doors at these times. We have different guidelines, insurance and staff ratios to the school and are unable to offer an earlier opening time. For those parents who drop off school children in the mornings, please note that there is a rain shelter on the playground adjacent to the Bohemia Chase entrance. Please do not complain to our staff in wet weather as for the reasons explained it is beyond our control. We appreciate your understanding.

At the end of sessions the doors will be opened and parents/carers will be invited to come into Playgroup to collect their children directly from their chair and not to call them to you. Please encourage your child to stay on their chair at this time as it avoids any accidents. If the children leave their chairs staff will return them to their seats. We appreciate your co – operation whilst children learn our routines.

You will be aware that you will have given permission for certain people to collect your child.  We may not have met that person before and therefore will challenge them.  Please ensure that any grandparents/friends etc.  that will be collecting your child are aware of this.  They will be asked their name and the information given will be checked against the authorisation you have given us.  Please note this is for the protection of your child.

Pick up and Drop off Map.


Access In And Out Of Playgroup


As users of Fairways Primary School site we need to adhere to their health and safety rules in order to keep our children safe too. There is strictly no use of the school’s driveway/car park by vehicle or on foot. Please ensure that all dads, relatives etc that come to playgroup do not use this driveway either. There are 2 school entrances with footpaths from both leading to playgroup so there is no need to use the driveway, please note that during the school day the Bohemia entrance and main pathway gate are closed between 9 -3pm. See the copy of our school map on the back page. School site staff do alert us if playgroup users are seen on the top car park and this compromises our position with them.  Parents, carers and grandparents cannot pull off The Fairway into this car park under any circumstances.  Please park/drop off in local roads.

WE WILL ENDEAVOUR TO OPEN THE DOORS ON TIME AND WE WOULD ASK YOU TO ARRIVE PROMPTLY AND TO COLLECT YOUR CHILD ON TIME. Children may only be taken from their seat by an adult, older siblings are expected to stay with their parents.

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